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Let’s dig into a sun cleanse! Did you know there was a time people would hang out pillows in the sunshine for a good airing? Turns out, they were onto something.

Sunshine isn’t just for boosting your mood and growing plants. It’s also a powerful natural cleaner that can work wonders for your household items. The sun is a great tool for cleaning with care. 

❤️ Why You’ll Love a Sun Cleanse

The generations before us knew the restorative powers of sunlight and fresh air. And science now confirms what they instinctively understood. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun have the ability to kill germs and bacteria, making sunlight an effective disinfectant. Next time you feel like your pillow is hosting a microbial party, it might be time for a sun cleanse.

Picture this: your trusty pillow, basking in the sunlight, getting a sun-kissed makeover. It’s like a spa day for your favorite drool catcher, minus the cucumber water and zenned-out music. Not only does the sun lighten and brighten your items, but it also effectively eliminates bacteria, mold spores, and moisture.

But why is moisture such a big deal? Well, dampness creates the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. Those microscopic critters that can wreak havoc on your respiratory health. By drying out your pillows, you’re not only refreshing them but also reducing the presence of allergens. And you will be keeping them fluffier for longer.

🛏️ Materials for a Sun Cleanse

Your favorite pillows to snuggle up with at night! Or try this with other bedding and linens!

☀️ How to Do a Sun Cleanse

Choosing direct sunlight for a sun cleanse involves is important. Finding a location that receives ample sunlight. Ensuring that the items you wish to cleanse are exposed to the sun’s rays effectively is key.

Here are some extra pro tidbits to consider to help you choose the right spot for a sun cleanse:

  1. Select a Sunny Location: Choose an outdoor area that receives direct sunlight for most of the day. This could be a spot in your garden, balcony, or any other outdoor area where sunlight can reach unobstructed.
  2. Consider the Time of Day: Sunlight is typically strongest in the late morning to early afternoon. Try to plan your sun cleanse during these hours for optimal exposure.
  3. Avoid Obstructions: Make sure the chosen location is free from obstructions such as buildings, trees, or tall plants. Avoid shadows and blocked sunlight.
  4. Use a Flat Surface: Place the items you wish to cleanse on a flat surface to ensure they are evenly exposed to the sunlight. This could be a table, tray, or any other stable surface.
  5. Rotate Items: If you’re cleansing multiple items, consider rotating them periodically to ensure they receive uniform exposure to the sun’s rays.
  6. Check Weather Conditions: Monitor the weather forecast to ensure that sunny conditions are expected throughout the duration of the cleanse. Cloudy or overcast skies may reduce the effectiveness of the sun cleanse.
  7. Duration of Cleanse: The duration of the sun cleanse can vary depending on personal preference and the items being cleansed. Some people prefer to leave items in direct sunlight for a few hours. Others may choose to leave them out for an entire day.
  8. Protection from Elements: If necessary, take precautions to protect the items from wind, rain, or other elements that could damage them during the cleanse. This could involve covering them with a light cloth or placing them under a sheltered area if adverse weather conditions are expected.

By following these steps, you can effectively choose a location for a sun cleanse and ensure that the items you wish to cleanse receive ample exposure to the sun’s purifying energy.

🪄 Tips & Tricks

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Spot Clean First: Before exposing your pillows to the sun, spot clean them to remove any stains or spills. Use a mild detergent and water to gently scrub the affected areas, then rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry completely.

🗒 Variations

Herbal Infusion: Before placing your pillows in the sun, consider infusing them with the scent of dried herbs. Sprinkle a mixture of dried lavender, chamomile, or rose petals between the layers of your pillows. The sun’s warmth can help release the natural fragrance of the herbs, creating a soothing and calming effect.

Essential Oil Spray: Create a natural linen spray by mixing water with a few drops of your favorite essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil. Lightly mist your pillows before exposing them to the sun. The sunlight can help activate the essential oils, leaving your pillows smelling fresh and clean.

Sun Tea Bag: If your pillows are small enough, you can place them inside a large tea bag made from breathable fabric, such as muslin or cheesecloth. Fill the tea bag with dried herbs or aromatic botanicals, then secure it tightly. Hang the tea bag in direct sunlight to allow the sun’s rays to infuse the pillows with the natural scents.

🤔 Common Questions

Is it safe to sun cleanse pillows?

Generally, sun cleansing pillows is safe and can help freshen them up naturally. However, it’s essential to consider factors like the fabric type and any special care instructions for your pillows. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, especially for delicate or heat-sensitive materials.

How long should I leave my pillows in the sun?

The duration for sun cleansing pillows can vary depending on factors like sunlight intensity and pillow material. As a general guideline, aim for a few hours of exposure to direct sunlight, rotating the pillows halfway through to ensure even drying and sanitizing. Avoid leaving them out too long, especially during peak sunlight hours to prevent potential damage.

Can I sun cleanse pillows with fillings like feathers or down?

Pillows with natural fillings like feathers or down can be sun cleansed, but it’s essential to fluff them regularly during the process to prevent clumping and ensure thorough drying. Be mindful of moisture buildup, as it can lead to mold or mildew growth, especially in humid conditions.

Will sun cleansing remove stains or odors from pillows?

Sun cleansing can help freshen pillows and reduce mild odors by naturally sanitizing them with sunlight. However, it may not completely remove stubborn stains or deeply embedded odors. Pre-treating stains and odors with a gentle detergent or vinegar solution before sun cleansing can help improve results.

Sun Cleanse

Sanitize and freshen your pillows with a sun cleanse!


  • Choose a Sunny Spot: Select an outdoor area with direct sunlight exposure for your sun cleanse. A backyard, balcony, or any outdoor space with ample sunlight will work perfectly.
  • Remove Pillowcases: Take off the pillowcases from your pillows and set them aside. Make sure you’re only exposing the pillows themselves to the sunlight.
  • Shake and Fluff: Give your pillows a good shake to remove any dust or debris. Fluff them up to ensure even exposure to the sunlight.
  • Lay Them Out: Lay your pillows flat on a clean surface in the sunny spot you’ve chosen. Ensure that they’re spread out evenly and not overlapping.
  • Rotate Periodically: Throughout the day, periodically rotate your pillows to ensure that all sides receive equal exposure to the sunlight. This will help to maximize the sanitizing effect.
  • Leave Them Out: Let your pillows bask in the sunlight for several hours. The duration will depend on factors such as the intensity of the sunlight and the thickness of your pillows. Aim for at least 4-6 hours of exposure for optimal results.
  • Monitor Weather Conditions: Keep an eye on the weather forecast to ensure that your pillows won’t be exposed to rain or excessive moisture. If there’s a chance of rain, it’s best to bring them indoors or cover them with a clean sheet.
  • Bring Them Inside: Once your pillows have been adequately sun-kissed, bring them back indoors. Give them another shake to remove any lingering dust or debris.
  • Reassemble: Place the freshly sun-cleansed pillows back into their pillowcases. Ensure that the pillowcases are clean and free from any debris before putting them on.
  • Enjoy Fresh, Clean Pillows: Your pillows are now refreshed and sanitized, thanks to the power of sunlight! Enjoy the feeling of clean, fresh pillows as you lay your head down for a restful night’s sleep.
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