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Go Green When You Clean

A DIY Guide for Nontoxic Home Bliss.

After eight years of dodging toxins and two years deep in the trenches of research and testing, I’ve emerged with a 70-page survival guide for your home.

It’s chock-full of the essential details and recipes you need to kick toxins to the curb and transform your living space into a sanctuary.

Why stumble through trial and error when you can start your detox journey with some expert guidance right now?

Hi, I’m Nicole!

I’m a wife, mom of two, home cook, and avid entertainer. I have developed my own DIY cleaners that are low tox and take pride in having a home that is clean and organized. However, I am human! I like to see dirt under my nails from my garden and my children’s handprints on my windows, and I’m one of the messiest cooks you’ll ever meet! 

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